Welcome to my website!

If you are here, maybe it’s because we share more than one thing in common. Colors, design, stationary, paper, ribbons.. Aww, I get emotional just to think about it!

I’m not a professional blogger, I spend my days teaching Maths and Chemistry and.. lettering!

My journey on social media dates back to November 2018.

I started sharing some illustrations on IG but I soon realized that I had to switch to lettering, bewitched by the amazing pictures of talented letterers around the globe. That's how @elijlettering was born.


Recently I've also discovered the world of Bullet Journaling. It turned out that I can put my passion for decorations and lettering into this new world, plus it helps me a lot in the organization of my daily life.


I currently am a Tombow Italia Ambassador and I collaborate with Tombow and other small businesses to offer Lettering and Bullet Journal workshops.


I have tons of other passions: I love photography, hiking, cooking and cultivating orchids. But my true passion are animals, that's the reason why I'm Vegan and I always look for cruelty-free items.

In this kind of "blog", I’d like to share with you my passions for lettering, calligraphy and BuJo, without any pressure, just with the desire to share my passion with you all . 

I can't wait to connect more with you!

Thanks for stopping by,


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